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There are three ways to support this site.

Option 1: Purchase my Guitar Theory Revolution courses here:
Guitar Theory Revolution Full Course

It includes the 107 page manual (printable PDF file), subscription to the customer only news letter, large sized diagrams (44 pages printable PDF file), 22 ear training MP3s and free updates for life.

GTR Part II: Blues Theory Revolution

This is the sequel, it focuses on Blues and Blues Rock music as well as an introduction to modal playing which can form the basis for Jazz and Fusion music.

Option 2: Pay with Bitcoin or Monero and get a 30% discount.

To pay with Monero you will need to send me an email so I can send you the address to pay towards.


Note: When paying with Bitcoin you will be asked for your e-mail address and I will be notified of your payment. Please e-mail at after your payment if there are any issues.

Also take note that I’m based in London, UK so it may take 24 hours before I reply to you.

Options 3: Donate however much you want with bitcoin.

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